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Our People


Presiding Bishop:  The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry

Diocesan Bishop:  The Rt. Rev. Samuel S. Rodman

Assistant Bishop:  The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Brooke-Davidson

Vicar:  The Rev. Amy J. Huacani

Ministers:  All the People of St. Paul's

Mission Vestry

Lynn Reynolds, Sr. Warden

Vacant, Jr. Warden

Kim Saunders, Treasurer

Nancy Stover, Secretary

Will Hinton

Ferne Wilborne

Dru York

Directors of Lay Ministers

Acolytes:  Ruth Wheless

Lay Eucharistic Ministers:  Various

Ushers/Torchbearers:  Various

Coffee Hour:  Charlotte Harris

Lectors:  Various

Leadership and Support

Choir Director / Organist Emeritus:  Anne V. Scoggin

Bookkeeper:  Ruth Wheless

Altar Guild Director:  Jane Miller

Flowers: Ruth Wheless

Linens: Maggie Green

Prayer List:  Kim Saunders

Web Page:  Jacinta Johnson

Bulletin:  The Rev. Amy Huacani

Stewardship Committee:  Open

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