“Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness”  

[Psalm 96:9]

Holy Eucharist

11am - Holy Eucharist / Sunday Service

12:15pm - Coffee Hour at the Parish House

Schedule of Priests


An Important Message about Services during


COVID-19 containment


GRACE AND PEACE, dear people of God, as we enter a new stage of our life together in response to the coronavirus and in the context of the new life that is promised to us in the resurrection of Jesus. To paraphrase the words of St. Paul: Now may our God and Father, and the Lord Jesus direct our way....And may the Lord make us increase and abound in love for one another and for all. (I Thess. 3:12)


First, a work of thanks for your faithfulness, creativity, ingenuity, resilience, mutual support and unwavering commitment to the Good News of the Gospel and to living into the promise of Becoming Beloved Community. The past eight weeks have shown clearly the ways the spirit is moving among us and through us as we continue to serve our churches, our communities and our neighbors as part of God's mission. 


The next few months may be the most challenging yet. To help us prepare and plan for the next stages of our life together, a team of 16 people from across the Diocese, along with your bishops and diocesan staff, have explored five areas of our of common life as we ready ourselves for a return to public worship in our buildings. These areas are:

  • Worship/Sunday Mornings/Formation 

  • Pastoral Offices and Visits (including baptisms, weddings, ministry at the time of death and funerals) 

  • Direct Services and Outside Groups 

  • Protection/Prevention/Equipment/Cleaning Practices 

  • Advocacy

This will take place in stages that are guided by the directives from federal, state and local authorities and roughly will mirror the phases of the state's movement, based on public health indicators. However, the special quality of our life together means that our work and ministry also is guided by our gospel values and our pastoral sensibilities, our firm faith in God's abiding presence with us and our care for the most vulnerable among us. At times, the choices and decisions we make for the Diocese may differ from these governmental directives. We will be clear about when and why this is the case. At all times, our particular sequence and timing is based on what we believe is best for the people of the Diocese of North Carolina.


The guidelines we offer correspond to the respective reopening phases and chart the stages for our return to full public worship. We do not have a complete timetable, but we continue to be guided by the latest information and data; these guidelines and directives may need to be updated as the pandemic continues to unfold. 


Again, we are grateful for your partnership in this changing and challenging landscape. We embrace the opportunities before us for the church to reimagine our mission and faithful response, even as we grieve the loss of life and the loss of some of the familiar patterns that have marked our common life for so long. 


As we take these next steps together, we recognize, like the travelers on the Emmaus road, that Jesus is journeying with us. We hear the voice of our Good Shepherd guiding us along our path, and leading us to signs of hope. We hear the invitation to cast our nets, again, on the other side of the boat. We know the promise of the Holy Spirit to both comfort us and to set our hearts on fire with the love that transforms us and equips us for the next stages of our journey.