About Us

St. Paul's is a small, lay-led church community.  We feel like an extended family, and rather than look to paid clergy to run our church, members of the congregation do most of what makes St. Paul's go!  We are also served, in a part-time capacity, by a priest, Lauren Winner.  Vicar Lauren gives us liturgical leadership, preaches, teaches occasional adult education classes, helps us pastorally in times of crisis, takes us on field trips to the North Carolina art museum and invites us to read the Bible in the canned goods aisle of the local Food Lion (yes, you read that correctly), and loves us.

Vicar Lauren lives in Durham, and is the Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality at Duke Divinity School.  She's the author of many books about the Christian spiritual life, church history, and Christian theology, including Girl Meets God, Mudhouse Sabbath, Still, and Wearing God.  Her most recent book, A Word to Live By, is about how to read the Bible as an Episcopalian.  You can find her at St.Paul's several Sundays a month during fall, winter, and spring, and a bit less frequently in the summer.